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A 12-Week Program Designed to Help You Transform Your Life and Realize Your Possibilities.


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Success is Not Linear.


The 12-Week Starting Over Program was created by Cornbread Hustle founder Cheri Garcia. Cornbread Hustle is a one-of-a-kind staffing agency that helps people returning from incarceration, and those in recovery, find meaningful work.

Over the last decade, Cheri has helped people with criminal backgrounds and substance use disorder find personal transformation through employment.

To help her employees succeed, Cheri developed a three-month-long online course with a focus on personal growth after trauma. The 12-Week Starting Over Program is now available to inmates in prisons nationwide.

See the 12-Week Starting Over Program in Action

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Here's How the 12-Week Starting Over Program Works.

1 Hour a Week Can Inspire Change.

Participants can complete the  12-Week Starting Over Program at their own pace. We've designed it to work for most students with just one video, plus self-guided activities and resources, every week for 12 weeks. 


Watch and Study Anytime, Anywhere.

Everything in the 12-Week Starting Over Program course can be viewed and completed with any modern web browser. We've also made it available for offline, closed-system tablets using the SCORM standard. No books or special materials are required.


Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Upon completing the course, participants receive a digital certificate they can proudly add to a resume, share with employers, or even print and frame as a reminder of their accomplishments!

Dezi B., Fort Worth

Dezi B.

Fort Worth, TX

"This is definitely for the person who wants to change their life, but doesn't know how. Everyone should take this course!"

Carlos R., Dallas

Carlos R.


"The people in my life are my motivation. With my dad, we have a really great relationship; before, it was destroyed because of my habits."


Jose M.


"I learned that if you stick with something, and you're really passionate about it, the only person who can stop you is you."

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